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We are a small moving company offering different types of small moving and delivery services to our relocating customers.

Small Moving Services

Moving happens on different scales. Sometimes you don’t have a whole load of items to move – you might just have a few precious objects that you need to take from your current place to your new destination safely. That is where small moving services comes in.

Our moving service is catered specifically for those of you who simply don’t need the services of large-scale delivery service. If your move seems too simplistic to require the services of a whole delivery company at full price, that’s where you should call us in. We provide the entire moving experience with all its perks – just on a much smaller scale.

Instances Where You Have To Opt For Small Moving Services

Sometimes, it can be hard to figure out what kind of a move you’re planning to make. The following are some instances that can be classified as small moves:

  • Houses with one bedroom
  • Apartments that have one to three bedrooms
  • Studio apartments
  • Relocating a small shop
  • Moving seniors into assisted living spaces
  • College dorm rooms
  • Helping young people to move into a new place after leaving their parents’
  • Storage units

Why Us As A Short Notice Mover

Benefits of choosing small moving service:

  • We calculate your quotes efficiently and in the blink of an eye.
  • We schedule your moving dates and stick to our schedule to give you a hassle-free home moving experience.
  • We make budgeting very easy with our uncomplicated pricing plans.
  • We give full-value protection

Professional Small Moving Company

Our home moving vehicles are constantly used to move around items like pianos. Our moving trucks are always around to conduct short-notice small moves, and our moving teams are always operating in the area of Coquitlam and can give you one-day small moving services without any hassle or delay. They can even give you an extremely low price for deliveries around Coquitlam.

Certain home moving services in Coquitlam tend to consider a minimum time limit when making small moves to pay for fuel and labour. But, our amazing movers for small moves can reduce this minimum time to just two hours! This will help you be economical during your move, and it will save your time as well.

Small Cube Vans For Small Moving Services

As movers for small moves, we use a small cargo van to conduct our small moving services. Our movers for small moves are available for hire on very short notice, as they are always in the Coquitlam area and can be employed within a very short time. So if you require any last-minute home moving services, specially single-item moves, our cube van will be on its way, ready to help you with your move in the locality of Coquitlam. If you’ve just purchased a heavy appliance that you now want to be delivered to your doorstep, we’re ready to provide small moving services on short notice.

All-Inclusive Furniture Moving Services

We are the leading expert in the field of small moves. We use state-of-the-art technology and new techniques to ensure that you have the best moving experience possible. As professional movers for small moving services, we provide several features that make our services exceptionally special. All our quotes are inclusive of:

  • A move coordinator to personally guide you through your small move.
  • Loading and unloading of your items.
  • Assistance with assembling and reassembling your belongings.
  • Moving around and placement of furniture.
  • The services of an experienced driver
  • Experts with years of experience.

Small Moving Service That Make Your Life Easier

Some moving companies prefer not to deal with small moving services because they are considered an additional expense to the company. But, our movers are always there for you. Our customers’ welfare always comes first, and we give as much care and attention to our small moves as we do to our long-distance moves.

Each customer’s need is unique, and we try to meet all of their small moving service requirements and provide a personal touch to our service. So whenever you need assistance with a small moves, ring us up, and we’ll be there to serve you!

Residential Moving

You will receive the same high level of residential moving service as we are renowned for our moving service.

Packing Service

In the event that you might want us to help you with packing, it is ideal to let us know the equipment.

Commercial Cleaning

We give far reaching, “all-green” cleaning services expected to guarantee your home or office looks clean.




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