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Experience The Best Residential Moving Service With Us. Moving Butlers provides comprehensive home removal services.

Residential Moving Services At Their Best

Home moving is no easy task – whether you are moving an entire building or just your apartment, it can still be very stressful and time-consuming when you have to do all the work yourself. Although you may think that hiring a truck to move your items will cost you less, bringing in residential movers is actually the least troublesome and most economical option.

That is where we come in – we provide home moving services in Coquitlam, and we can make your relocation experience easy, efficient, and hassle-free. We promise you a seamless, impeccable move with no unnecessary time consumption or damage to your precious furniture and other equipment.

The Residential Moving Coordinator

To add a personal touch to the residential moving services we provide, you will be given the services of a move coordinator, who will:

  • Clear up any queries you have about the process
  • Make sure that the home moving process stays on schedule.
  • Evaluate the number of items to relocate and provide a quote
  • Prepare special arrangements for bulky items like refrigerators or vehicles.
  • Create a personalized moving-day schedule for your convenience.

Each house is unique – and so should be the home moving process! You might be moving to an apartment a few miles away, or you may be moving your entire house to a different state or even country. Each client’s residential moving need is different – and we are here to cater to all your requirements. That is why we provide both local and long-distance residential moving services.

Local Or Short Distance Residential Moving

If you want to relocate to a place in your neighborhood, in the city you live in or even the same country, it is categorized as a local residential moving task. We have places in every major region, and we can independently provide you will all the resources you need for a local move – no matter where you want to go. Our residential movers in Coquitlam can provide outstandingly reliable and quick home moving services at completely affordable rates.

Long-Distance Residential Moving

Our goal is top-notch service and customer satisfaction. Name a location and our residential movers do the move with no hassle at all. Interstate residential moving is no easy task if you try to do it yourself since it involves crossing provinces. We are proud to have a network of distributed agents who will assist you in your move.

We will help you navigate state boundaries and any modes of transportation you may require, thanks to our network of moving agents. If you are looking for storage services at affordable prices to keep your stuff safe prior to or after moving, we are glad to say that we offer storages too. Household furniture movers with ample experience, no boundary and no state line are too much for us.

Prefer To Customize? Count Us In!

We understand that everyone does not have the same kind of moving requirements. This is why our home moving services are easily customizable in any way you desire.

If you prefer to pack things yourself, so be it – we will take inventory of your items and relocate them to your destination. We can even provide all the supplies you need to pack your belongings. And if you want us to handle the entire residential moving job, we’re up for that too.

We offer packing services at budget-friendly prices. All you have to do is sit back and relax while we pack, label and load your items to our vehicles, deliver them, unload them and then even set up your furniture wherever you want them to be. We can even help put together large equipment that has to be taken apart before moving.

Our home moving services also ensure that your items are securely stored while they are in transit. Our residential moving experts will ensure that your items are safe from your home to your destination.

Your Personalized Residential Moving Quote

Getting a customized cost estimate is a simple matter –

01: Request a quote
Complete the form with details like location, destination, moving date, kind of home and contact details.

02: Set a date for the survey
One of our team will call you and discuss your requirements with you, answer any questions you have, and schedule a date and time to survey your items.

03: The survey
We will take a look at your items and evaluate them, and estimate a quote for you.

04: Planning
A residential moving coordinator will help you with the process with advice and resources to help you.

Why Choose Moving Butlers?

As household furniture movers with years of experience, we provide residential moving with the aid of professionals and trained movers, all at reasonable prices. We are residential movers who have your best interests at heart, so we are undoubtedly the best choice for all your residential moving needs!

Commercial Moving

We are very much prepared to deal with a business office or business move. Get your free quote today.

Packing Services

In the event that you might want us to help you with packing, it is ideal to let us know the equipment.

Long Distance Moving

If you are looking for a reliable long distance moving service, our experts can help you make your move easy.




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