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Moving Butlers, has been providing a stress-free moving experience to the New Westminster area for many years. We pride ourselves on being able to provide cost-effective services without compromising quality moving service.

New Westminster Movers: The Best Of The Best

Along with our New Westminster Movers who are all trained in customer service and have an extensive knowledge of local neighborhoods, they also offer a complete packing service that includes everything from wrapping your furniture in blankets or bubble wrap to preparing boxes with moving supplies. We hope you will give us the opportunity to make your next move as easy as possible!

Moving Butlers has a reputation as one of the best moving companies in all of New Westminster. Our New Westminster moving services are guaranteed to give you the best service possible and to guide you through a seamless moving experience.

Reputed Movers In New Westminster

Being a busy city, navigating the streets of New Westminster is no easy task, even under normal circumstances. Moving through the New Westminster streets is definitely something that you are better off doing with professional help. That is where we, New Westminster moving services, come in. We will make your moving process so much easier by planning and organizing everything in advance.

New Westminster Movers

Most Experienced Movers In New Westminster

New Westminster Moving Services has been functioning for many decades now, and our reputation as one of the most experienced movers in New Westminster is a result of our emphasis on customer satisfaction and high standards in everything we do.

Our moving professionals are from the area of New Westminster itself, which means that they have a good knowledge of the city and can customize our service accordingly.

More About New Westminster Movers

Our movers in New Westminster have the ultimate goal of making your moving experience efficient and free of stress. These are the steps we take to do that for you:

  • We are always punctual
  • Our prices are always transparent and affordable
  • All our movers in New Westminster are well-trained professionals
  • At New Westminster Moving Services, we pay attention to the little things, like keeping our trucks clean.
  • We have a minimum charge for one hour. So, you just have to pay for the time we take to move you, and nothing more.

What Will Happen On Moving Day?

Moving day is the most hectic day of all. However, you have nothing to worry about with New Westminster Movers on the job! On this day, we will

  • Call you beforehand and straighten out details like your address and park our truck.
  • Bring your coffee, seeing as your coffee machine is packed somewhere inside a box.
  • Go through your house with you so you can tell us which items need special attention.
  • Load your boxes in quickly but with caution. We will also pack the most important items at last, so they are easily accessible.
  • Even bring you a housewarming gift!

New Westminster Movers And Packing Services

It’s not just that our company excels at moving – we also provide unparalleled services when it comes to packing! Whether it’s residential moving or long-distance moving, packing is undoubtedly what takes the longest time. Lucky for you, New Westminster Movers also provide exceptional packing services, and we can pack everything from kitchen items too large to bulky furniture.

Moving Boxes And Materials

When you procure the services of New Westminster movers, we will make sure that all your items are kept safe during the move by packing them carefully in specially designed boxes. All you have to do is give us a call, and we will bring boxes of many different sizes and make sure that your items are packed safely.

Our movers in New Westminster will even take them back if you order more boxes than needed. We have everything from small to large moving boxes at New Westminster moving services. We even have boxes for moving wardrobes!

New Westminster Long Distance Moving

Our movers in New Westminster also specialize in long distance moving, and we can take you and your items safely across state borders and long distances. If you are moving out of the city or into the city from a long distance, Moving Butlers is your best bet.

With our fleet of trusty trucks and our years of experience in long-distance travel, New Westminster moving services can make your journey smooth and easy. With New Westminster movers, long distance moving is a piece of cake!

Storage Services From New Westminster Movers

If you need a place to store your items during your move, or even at any other time, New Westminster moving services also provides safe and secure storage services where you can keep your items for short periods of time. With our air-conditioned and temperature-controlled warehouses, you can rest assured that your items will remain safe with us.

Office Moving From New Westminster Movers

Commercial moving is quite different from residential moving, and a special set of skills are needed to do these moves the right way, with minimum effect on the company’s productivity. There needs to be good coordination and planning from the very beginning to move an office.

New Westminster Movers has experienced professionals who will plan and organize your office move and stay with you throughout the process. We provide many services such as inventory management, assembling and disassembling of furniture, packing and unpacking, storage services and packing all large furniture safely using professional-grade packing equipment.

With our commercial moving crew, we can do all of these quickly and efficiently to ensure that your employees do not lose too much time over the move.

Movers in New Westminster

Free Estimates From New Westminster Moving Services

If you are looking for moving services that can provide a seamless move from beginning to end, call Moving Butlers, The best New Westminster Movers. We will talk to you about the specifications of your move and the kind of services you require and give you a completely free, no-obligation quotation for your move. You can then decide whether or not you want to continue with us.

Call Us Today!

At New Westminster Moving Services, we can guarantee a quick, friendly and affordable moving experience for you. Whether it is a small or large move, it will be quite a hectic day. Our movers in New Westminster are dedicated to ensuring that this move goes seamlessly with minimum hassle.

Whether it is long-distance moving or short-distance moving, we can help. If you value efficiency and are looking for a moving company that places special emphasis on customer service, New Westminster Movers is the best choice for you!

Commercial Moving

We understand the importance of keeping your business running smoothly during a move, so we’ll work diligently to minimize any disruptions. Contact us today to get started on your office move!

Residential Moving

If you’re looking for a residential moving company that can handle your house move with care, Moving Butlers is a perfect choice. With years of experience in the industry, our team of highly trained professionals can ensure your move goes smoothly from start to finish.

Long Distance Moving

Our company is also well known for being a leader among local movers when it comes to customer service. Our professional team can offer you great advice on all your moving needs including short or long distance moves as well as residential or commercial moves.



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