How To Make Your Moving Day Experience Easier

March 3, 2022 Moving News

Relocating from one place to another is not an easy task, and moving day is inevitably hectic and takes on your physical and emotional well-being. Moving requires a great deal of pre-planning, and the entire experience can be extremely stressful and exhausting, particularly for someone who is not used to the process.

However, if you have professional movers to help you, your moving day experience will be made so much easier for you.

Although these professional moving companies can help you with most of the work involved, placing your belongings in the correct boxes still remains your responsibility.
As a result, you might end up with backache and creaky bones. With all of that in mind, we have gathered some vital moving tips from experienced moving professionals and compiled them here for you to make your moving day experience easier.

Do Not Schedule Moves During The Weekend

We all tend to try to move during weekends because that is when most of us are free. Unfortunately, since a lot of people are free during weekends, that is when they will be shifting houses too. That is why moving during the weekends is not a good idea. Moving services are likely to be busy, and the streets will be traffic-jammed. Picking a weekday to move will make the moving day experience more pleasant.

Never Try To Move During The Summer

Moving during the summer will simply make your moving experience a nightmarish one. Everyone will be moving during this time, and it is just incredibly hot.
The whole process will involve a lot of sweat and exhaustion, and the prices will be extremely steep because the demand for movers is high. And to top it all, the roads and highways will be jam-packed. This really does not make for the ideal moving day experience.

Find A Good Parking Space Well In Advance

It is very important that you have a parking spot in mind before the move, or you might be forced to park the moving truck a few blocks away from your new home.
You might end up having to tow all your boxes and your heavy furniture for a long distance move. This is exhausting and time-consuming work, not to mention that the movers will then have to charge you extra for their effort.

In addition, it would help for you to look at overpaid parking spots and have the costs calculated beforehand because parking your truck somewhere close to the building will make the moving day experience so much easier for all parties involved.

Handling The Kids

If you have kids or babies, they can add to the stress of the day by interrupting your work, messing around with the packed boxes, getting in the way and generally causing a ruckus. They might even get hurt if they are not supervised and add more stress to an already hectic day.

It is good to hire a babysitter for the moving day. They can keep the kids and pets out of your way. Then, You can focus on the move with no interruptions and without worrying about your kids’ safety.

Conclude All Administrative Work Before The Move

When you conduct a move, there are a lot of official tasks need to be done such as changing your mailing address, talking to your bank about your change in location and more.
These can be a hassle if you leave them till the very last minute, so make sure you finish them off well in advance and not let them all pile up to the day of the move.

What You Can Use Instead Of Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a godsend when it comes to protecting your breakable items during the move. However, you do not need to spend extra money buying bubble wrap when you have plenty of other items lying around the house that can help you protect your items.
Items such as bed sheets, bed covers, blankets, and curtains in your room can help you fill the gaps in boxes that you have packed your items in, and prevent them from moving around and cracking.
It is a good idea to wrap fragile items such as plates, glasses, ceramic items and showpieces in clothes before you pack them into boxes.

Using Cling Wrap During Your Move

Cling wrap is the best wrapping material to use when relocating items that can leak or items containing liquid. To prevent leakages, remove the lid of the items and put cling wrap firmly over the opening. Then place the lid back and add another layer of cling wrap.

Always Label The Boxes

Labeling your boxes while you pack them is absolutely vital. If you live in a big house and consequently have many items to pack, try to start at least a month in advance and fill the lesser-used items. Label the boxes in a way that makes it easy for you to categorize them -you can even use colour-coded labels.

Label fragile items clearly so that the movers will be extra careful with them. In the labels, put the name of the room they belong to so that they are easy to sort after the move. That way, after the move, you will know what to unpack first and where you can find everything you need.

To Get A Better Moving Day Experience

Moving homes is a task that no one looks forward to. It can be intimidating and absolutely exhausting and usually, we tend to put it off until it is no longer possible to live in our old residence. However, with our tips and tricks, your moving day experience might just be easier than you expect.

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