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Moving can be challenging, especially for long-distance moves, as they require more preparation and planning. To ease your long-distance move from Vancouver to Kamloops, we offer professional movers who can assist you with logistics, packing, loading, and transportation. Our expert team is trained to ensure a hassle-free move, making it a seamless and stress-free experience for you.

Trusted Long Distance Moving Company near Vancouver

Our company has years of experience handling long-distance moves, and our packing and moving services are specifically designed to prioritize the care of our customers. We are a professional moving company.

Vancouver To Kamloops

Our movers to Kamloops use the latest resources and equipment to safely handle and deliver your belongings during the move. We offer different moving services to our clients, and they can choose the ones they require. Our team will then create a customized moving plan based on their requirements.

Professional Movers To Kamloops

We prioritize the safety and security of your personal and commercial belongings during your move from Vancouver to Kamloops. To ensure that your belongings are not damaged during handling, we wrap them all in protective moving blankets.

Our moving trucks to Kelowna are fully equipped with reliable moving straps to secure furniture and large-scale items, so our movers can handle them with ease.

Whether you’re moving for work or personal reasons, preparing for a long-distance move from Vancouver to Kamloops is crucial. Keep in mind that moving from a metropolitan area to Kamloops might involve significant changes, so being fully prepared is essential.

Why Should You Move To Kamloops

You can expect cleaner and more organized environments, but fewer services and facilities may be available compared to metropolitan areas.

If you are planning to move to Kamloops, you may already be aware that the area is known for its agricultural industry. This is common in many communities with hundreds of thousands of agricultural facilities across Canada.

Kamloops is known for being a peaceful and welcoming community without the distractions and commotion that come with living in a big city. Moving from Vancouver to Kamloops will be an exciting change, whether you prefer a relaxed or a lively atmosphere.

At Moving Butlers, we specialize in helping people move to Kamloops. Whether you need long-distance moving or packing assistance, we’re here to provide professional support throughout the moving process. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for help.


The Journey From Vancouver To Kamloops

If you’re going to move from Vancouver to Kamloops, the distance you’ll travel is around 353 kilometres. It’s recommended to follow the Trans Canada Highway and BC-5 northward and anticipate a travel time of roughly 4 hours. Since you won’t be crossing any provincial borders, relocating within the same province is relatively simple.

The Average Cost Of Moving To Kamloops

As Vancouver to Kamloops movers, we aim to offer great value to our customers. Our Kamloops moving services range from $2500 to $4500 for a complete move, emphasizing top-notch quality.

If you need an estimate for planning your move, contact us. Keep in mind that the cost may depend on factors such as the number of items, distance from the parking spot to your home, and the number of floors of your home.

Average Cost Of Moving An Apartment Studio

On average, moving a studio apartment costs approximately $2500.

Average Cost Of Moving 2 Bedrooms

The estimated cost for a two-bedroom moving space is between $2400 and $3000.

Average Cost Of Moving 3 Bedrooms

The estimated cost of moving a three-bedroom area is about $3,500.

Average Cost Of Moving 4 Bedrooms

On average, moving space with four bedrooms costs approximately $4,500.

I received a new quote for just $1,000.

As a moving company based in Coquitlam, we have ample experience handling numerous residential and commercial moves. It’s normal for clients to have doubts about our prices, particularly when they encounter offers that appear excessively appealing.

The thing is, you can’t trust these very cheap quotes for long-distance moves. They might seem attractive at first because of the low price, but they often have many limitations.

The base price for a specific load is $1000, but additional units will incur extra costs. Due to added charges, the final cost may be triple or even quadruple the initial quote of $1000.

With years of experience providing moving services to Kamloops, Moving Butlers has no hidden charges. The amount we quote for the service is the exact amount that you will have to pay by the end of the move. You can be sure that there won’t be any extra fees or surprise costs added. This is our guarantee!

Professional Movers To Kamloops

Why Choose Moving Butlers?

We’re a great option if you need a trustworthy moving company for your move to Kamloops. We offer top-notch long-distance moving services at affordable prices. Our customer reviews and our testimonials confirm the quality service we provide.

In addition, we offer free quotes and consultations whenever you need them. Additionally, we do not have any hidden fees for our moving services. We have three branches in BC already. We now operate in Surrey, Maple Ridge and Coquitlam. Our team of experts will always go above and beyond to provide you with the best possible service.

Please note that our moving services cover more than just transportation. We can also offer affordable packing services and create customized moving packages for your commercial or residential needs. Additionally, we provide move-in/move-out cleaning and garage cleaning services.

Enjoy Your Moving Experience With The Best Movers

  • We offer comprehensive residential moving services regardless of how far you’re relocating.
  • We offer comprehensive moving and design services for commercial purposes that include everything.
  • Let the experts handle your moving logistics.
  • Renowned movers are providing services of premium quality.
  • Create a work culture that is environmentally sustainable.
  • Our services provide packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading on demand.
  • Our team of movers is verified, licensed, and trained to provide services.
  • We have established authorized policies and protocols to ensure safety.

Commercial And Residential Moving Services

Moving Butlers is a highly sought-after moving service, offering both commercial and residential customers expertise in handling hundreds of short and long-distance moves over the years.

If you select our Vancouver to Kamloops movers, you can expect top-quality moving services to Kamloops from a team with extensive experience in the local moving industry. Our company is committed to putting the customer first, so we can assure you that your move will be hassle-free. Moving with Moving Butlers means getting a premium moving experience at a reasonable cost.

If you have a move scheduled, please contact our team at Moving Butlers, regardless if it’s a commercial or residential move. Our movers will manage all the heavy lifting and logistics for you.

We offer storage services that you can use until you have fully settled into your new location. Our reputation as a comprehensive moving services provider for Moving Butlers stems from our ability to manage a move from beginning to end, ensuring your comfort in your new space.

Residential Moving

When it comes to residential moving, we understand how stressful it could be. After all, you need to pack up your entire home: and do so methodically because you also have to unpack and settle down at your new place efficiently. This is where our expert movers come into play.

Because we offer all-inclusive residential moving services to Kamloops for homeowners who are looking to relocate, from handling the disassembling, packing, loading, and transportation – we do it all based on your requirements. If required, you could also opt for our storage services in case you need an intermediary storage location for all your belongings.

Commercial Moving

Our business is here to help you move your business! Yes, you heard that right! Our commercial moving services are a true lifesaver for businesses that are about to relocate because our best Kamloops movers can do all the hard work for you: more efficiently and effectively.

From office equipment, furniture, and stationery items, to documentation, our team will handle them all with care and make sure that they are securely moved into your new space. If required, our moving experts can also help you out with designing your new office space to give it a better and more professional look.

Secure Storage Services

If you are looking for secure and reliable storage services, we can help you out with that as well. We provide affordable storage units that have been designed to withstand different climates to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Depending on the quantity and size of the belongings to be stored, our moving team can allocate a dedicated unit for you for both short-term and long-term use.

Professional Packing Services

As in the moving industry, we recognize the tedium that comes with packing. That’s why our team will handle your possessions’ cautious and meticulous packing, ensuring they are safely transported to your new abode. Rest assured; all your belongings will be treated with the utmost care.

Taking Care Of Fragile Items

We offer crating services for delicate items during your move from Vancouver to Kamloops. Additionally, we provide extra plastic stretch wraps and blankets to ensure that your furniture arrives safely.

Alternatively, we can still provide assistance if you only need to move a small number of items and not a whole household or office. Contact our team at Moving Butlers and go over your moving plan so that we can devise a strategy that fits your needs.

Taking Care Of Fragile Items

We offer crating services for delicate items during your move from Vancouver to Kamloops. Additionally, we provide extra plastic stretch wraps and blankets to ensure that your furniture arrives safely.

Alternatively, we can still provide assistance if you only need to move a small number of items and not a whole household or office. Contact our team at Moving Butlers and go over your moving plan so that we can devise a strategy that fits your needs.


Moving to a new place far away can be difficult since you’ll be leaving your familiar surroundings. But our Vancouver to Kamloops movers team is here to help ease the process. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting for you, so all you have to do is schedule an appointment with us, and we’ll be there on time to make sure your move is a success.


We will ensure your belongings are safe and secure delivery to your new space once we take responsibility for them. Our crew will take care of routine maintenance and safety checks for our moving trucks and responsibly loading and unload your cargo. You can trust that your belongings will be in safe hands.

Vancouver To Kamloops Movers Include

At Moving Butlers, we’re experts in long-distance moves from Vancouver to Kamloops. We take great care to protect your belongings, from packing them safely to keeping a detailed record of everything loaded onto our truck. Our process is well-structured and organized, so you can trust us to make your move to Kamloops as comfortable and stress-free as possible.





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