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Moving can be a handful. Honestly speaking, a badly handled move can drain your energy, damage your belongings and empty your pocket.

If you are looking for moving companies to Kelowna, the best decision you can make is to choose Moving Butlers. Your anticipated long haul requires a team of professional Kelowna movers that can take the challenge in good grace and do a remarkable job managing every aspect of it.

Moving Butlers is well set-out for that, thanks to the talented crew, fool-proof methods, and updated technology. Located in Coquitlam, our moving company offers moving services to Kelowna BC.

What better way to move between Kelowna and Vancouver than to hire BC movers that specialize in long-distance moves?

Finding The Best Moving Companies To Kelowna

As a home or business owner hoping to move to or from Vancouver from/to Kelowna, you might be wondering what to expect from a moving company. There are some things to be mindful about.

  • Reliable BC movers will always provide you with an estimate of the cost of your move. Responsible movers to Kelowna, BC should help you decide the most reasonable options that suit your budget. At Moving Butlers, we make sure you receive speedy and convenient moving services, especially if you are in a rush.
  • A fool-proof methodology of handling, packing, loading and assembling goods needs to be followed. Professional movers must not simply promise zero damage, but also offer compensation if and when damages happen due to some reason or other.
  • Above all, the best moving companies to Kelowna are always flexible. For instance, some clients request us to transport one large piece of furniture, whereas others need entire corporate offices moved to a different location. Either way, we know that understanding your needs is a must to fulfill your requirements adequately.

Punctual and Accurate Moving Service Kelowna

Most moving companies to Kelowna struggle to offer services on time due to poor management. On the contrary, Moving Butlers has the best-operating team of Kelowna movers you will ever see. With us, pickup and delivery are not the least bit stressful, because we make sure to plan everything beforehand to reduce the last-minute rush.

Flexibility In Scheduling Your Move

Kelowna movers at Moving Butler stand out among other moving agencies for distinct reasons. One of the most loved characteristics that set us apart is our flexibility in working around your schedule. As experienced movers to Kelowna, BC, we know how busy moving days can be. Thus, we are very accommodating when it comes to adjusting our services to fit your convenient times.

Kelowna Movers To Handle Your Belongings With Care

As a moving service that has won the trust of so many clients already, we are extra careful not to cause any damage to your valuable goods. The steps we take in order to maintain the quality standards of your move prove our competence as a trusted organization among other moving companies to Kelowna.

  • Clad in official uniforms and safety gear, our BC movers are always ready to hustle.
  • Our Kelowna movers always follow proper health and safety guidelines to keep your residences and belongings free of dust, contamination and health hazards like Covid-19.
  • Our movers to Kelowna, BC use extra protective packing material over fragile items.
  • Our storage boxes and trucks come with plenty of space to store your belongings safely and without jamming.

Professional Movers Between Kelowna And Vancouver

Whether you are moving from Vancouver to Kelowna or vice versa, the distance is quite staggering and you might not want to be bothered with driving, especially with a pile of items crammed into your vehicle. Hiring Kelowna movers, BC is a brilliant idea in every aspect. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s cost-efficient.

The best moving companies to Kelowna will take care of the hardest bit while you take the high road and book a flight to your destination. It is always easier to go into a new house or office with a free and relaxed mind, which is why we prioritize your comfort over everything else. Our movers to Kelowna, BC will be with you every step along the way, starting from planning and packing to unpacking and organizing.

Quality Moving Companies To Kelowna – Fees and Charges

Moving comes at a cost, but it always ends up cutting down multiple other costs you would otherwise spend on self-packing and transport. Nonetheless, the problem with most moving companies to Kelowna is that they do not have a clear and concise charging system. The costs are usually multiplied after the actual move, as they tend to add hidden charges and extra service charges to the initial deal.

Things are different here at Moving Butlers; your ideal team of Kelowna movers. We include every cent clearly and accurately in the estimate, so that you can make an informed decision after taking a look at our quote. Additional services will be provided at extra costs upon request. If you are on a tight budget, do feel free to discuss optional plans directly with us.

Rules To Adhere To

Depending on the state laws, there are certain rules and regulations to be cautious of when a moving project is undertaken. Permit requirements, vaccination requirements, shipping restrictions and taxes are a few of the major concerns moving companies to Kelowna should be fully aware of. Our movers to Kelowna, BC have the knowledge and skill, both theoretical and practical, to handle a move without violating any state laws.

100% safety assured; we can guarantee that.

Best Movers to Kelowna, BC

Moving is a challenge. You might know that by now.

If you are looking for the best moving companies to Kelowna, look no further than Moving Butlers. We are genuinely and completely committed to our cause, and have a fully-trained and friendly team of professionals who will offer a service that surpasses your expectations.

Moving Butlers is among the fastest growing and best functioning moving companies to Kelowna, where you can find more than just moving assistance.
We give life to new homes, new spaces, and new dreams.

Residential Moving to Kelowna

With a population of over 120,000 and growing, Kelowna is an ideal market for Moving Butlers’ high-quality residential moving services.

Offers Packing Service

The team at Moving Butlers has experience with this process and will take care of all your moving needs including packing up your house.

Top Commercial Movers

Moving Butlers is a top commercial moving company. We have years of experience in the industry, and we know how to handle even the most complex moves.


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