How To Choose Between Self Storage And Full Service Storage

November 11, 2021 Moving News

There is no better time to discover unwanted junk in your house than when you are packing to move out. If you have been packing for a move and discovered that you have a penchant for hoarding everything from sentimental knick knacks to old furniture, and simply cannot bear the thought of throwing any of them away, then it is high time you find yourself a storage space.

Before you embark on your hunt for storage facilities, there are a few things that you must decide first: What will you store in the facility? What type of storage space do you need? If you decide to rent a storage space, you can go for the self-storage facility, or choose the full-service option. And if you do not know what any of these terms mean, don’t you worry! Read on, and we will give you a comprehensive guide to moving and storage facilities.

Self-Storage Facilities

Self-storage facilities were the very first arrivals in the storage space industry. They were rows and rows of identical garages, with painted gates. If you have ever come across a long line of painted garage doors as you drive across the highway, then you’ve come across a self-storage facility. 

These are actually called “drive-up access” because you can literally drive up to the garage, park your car in front and load your items in. 

As time went on, industries began to realize that storage spaces that were indoors and temperature regulated were in demand by the customers. So today, we have facilities that provide indoor storage as well as ones that provide the drive-up style storage services.

Full-Service Storage Facilities

Full-service storage is basically an all-in-one service. Also known as a valet or on-demand storage, this service encompasses all the things you need in terms of storage. Services like these will load, store and deliver items when you request them. This will make things very easy for you, as you do not have to go through the hassle of storing and then driving to the facility to get your items.

What you have to do is set an appointment with the storage services. You have to pack your items and have them ready for when the storage team comes by. They will first photograph all your items and make up an inventory of them to make sure that nothing gets misplaced. All these details will be put into a computer system and you will be given access to them so that you can check them whenever needed.

The team will then drive all your boxes into their warehouse and store them there. Whenever you request an item, it will be delivered to you.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Self-Storage And Full-Service Storage

The Advantages Of Self-Storage:

  • The biggest advantage is that you have access to all your items whenever you need them.  If you regret packing away an item that you later realize you urgently nee, all you have to do is hop in your car, drive up to the facility and get it!
  • Much less expensive than full-service storage.
  • Less chances for mistakes because you’re the only person who has access to your garage.
  • You get a private room and a key of your own.

The Disadvantages Of Self-Storage:

  • Some of the storage rooms may not have enough security and you may have problems with pests.
  • You might have to sign a storage agreement and its time period will depend on the conditions set by the facility.
  • You might be paying for excess space.

The Advantages Of Full Service Storage

  • You don’t have to go through the hassle of packing all your items – the company will do it for you
  • You don’t have to worry about your items – they are in a temperature-controlled room devoid of pests.
  • You can easily retrieve items. All you have to do is contact us, and we will have your item delivered to you very soon.
  • Storage terms are less.
  • Climate-controlled spaces are available for items that are temperature-responsive.
  • There will be plenty of space.

The Disadvantages Of Full-Service Storage

  • Delivery fees will be charged
  • You need to set an appointment to retrieve your items.
  • You can access the storage space yourself. You must request delivery for the company.

Which One Is Better?

It all depends on what you want. The price of the storage space will depend on many things like the size of the space, the facilities provided, how long you’re renting it and so on. You will have to pay extra for facilities like temperature and pest control. The quality of the service provided and the extra products used while packing (like boxes and duct tape) will also be added to your charge. You might also want to look into getting insurance coverage as well.

What Should I Consider When Renting Storage Space?

  • How often you can access them – are the units open 24/7 and whether they are open on holidays.
  •  Check whether the storage facility hours are free during your availability times.
  • Video surveillance
  • The prices, offers, discounts
  • How many locks will be needed?
  • Is the facility well-lit?
  • Online reviews and customer feedback
  • Moving Butlers Full Service Moving and Storage Facilities

About Moving Butlers

Moving Butlers is the best moving company in Coquitlam. With years of service and expertise under our belt, we provide professional and unique moving and storage services.

Where you need a small space to store items during a short move, or whether you need to store all your furniture during a long move, Moving Butlers is your best choice. We have state-of-the-art moving and storage facilities with temperature-controlled rooms. We also provide 24/7 video surveillance and we also regularly clean out the rooms to remove dust and gunk.

  • Call us to get an estimate. You are not obligated to accept this estimate.
  • Temperature-controlled rooms are available for sensitive items.
  • Our team can come to your place, pack your items safely, drive to the location and unpack them, while you can simply sit back and relax.
  • We can help you with decluttering and furniture disposal as well.-trained security personnel look after the storage units and all your items will be kept perfectly safe.
  • Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • We are the best moving and storage company in Coquitlam, with professional and customer-oriented services that will guarantee your satisfaction.


Before storing any of your items away, make sure you do your research and make the right choices. Hire professional moving companies like Moving Butlers; we ensure that we will fulfil all your storage needs to perfection!

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