How Much Should I Tip Movers

September 16, 2015 Moving News

Tipping is something we all do in our day-to-day outings. It is considered polite, and it ensures that you convey your appreciation for the person who assisted you. Usually, we are familiar with the tip that we should give our cab driver, our waiter, our delivery boy or even the cleaners. If you are getting services from a moving company for the first time, you might not be sure of exactly how much you should tip movers. This article will tell you all you need to know about the proper etiquette of tipping.

So, How Much Should I Tip Movers In Bc?

The tip you should leave depends on how much time it took to complete the move, the kind of movers you work with, the quality of the service they provide and so on. But generally, the accepted tip is 10 to 20 percent. If the move takes half a day and two movers in BC, this might be around $20 – $40. You can tip around $20 to $25 per person for a half-day move, and about $40 for a full-day move. It is also polite to tip movers a few additional dollars if the move involved heavy lifting or stairs. As an average, the best amount to tip movers is around $5 to $20 per mover.

How Do I Make Sure That All The Movers Actually Get The Tip?

When you tip movers, the best thing to do is to give cash to each person individually, by hand, instead of handing it over to one person or to the moving company. By individually giving tips for movers, you can make sure that one person doesn’t end up keeping all the money.  

Is Buying Them Lunch A Good Idea?

It’s a great idea to buy the movers lunch, especially after they’ve finished a hard day’s work. It is also a convenient option if you cannot provide cash tips for movers. But make sure to let them know well in advance that lunch is on you, and also to actually ask them what they would like to eat. They probably get food like pizza much too often.

What If The Service Was Substandard And The Movers Broke Too Many Items?

Whether or not you provide tips for the movers is entirely your choice. If you are not satisfied with the service provided by the movers sent by the moving company, you can choose not to tip movers.

What If Only One Mover Worked Well, And The Others Didn’t?

Most movers in BC send along a team of people to help with the move. But sometimes, the strength of the entire team lies on just one person, who handles all the work professionally, while the others are chaotic and unsatisfactory. In that case, the best way to tip movers is to discreetly pull aside the mover who provided good service and tip him privately. You should probably inform the moving company of the unsatisfactory service of the others.

Can I Give Beer As A Tip?

This might be okay if the person who is helping you move is a close friend or family member. But providing beer as tips for movers is not a good idea, because professional movers from a moving company are not allowed to have alcoholic drinks on the job. Giving beer to movers in BC might even get them fired.

Is It Actually Necessary To Tip Movers?

You might wonder why you have to tip movers when they are given an hourly wage anyway. They certainly are given a wage, but they too are part of the service industry, just like waiters, drivers, valets and delivery people. Providing tips for movers is a gesture of goodwill and a sign of gratitude for taking good care of the items during the move. Moving is hard work. It involves toilsome heavy lifting and can be dangerous for the movers’ health. Movers also move items in harsh weather conditions. So, movers deserve to be tipped.

Before you tip, make sure that the moving company doesn’t charge you a service charge, which is used as a tip for the movers.

Leave A Positive Review

If you are really satisfied with their work, make sure to leave a glowing review, because this will really help them attract more customers and gain a good reputation.

Hiring Professional Movers

If you are not satisfied with the job that the movers sent by the moving company did, if they caused damages, took too many cigarette breaks, behaved inappropriately, left scratches on walls, make sure to talk to the team leader and express your dissatisfaction. If the response is unsatisfactory, contact our moving company in Coquitlam itself.

Now that you know all about tipping etiquette, it is time to hire your own movers!

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