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Do you provide free estimates according to the number of trucks and movers involved instantly

We do provide instant estimates they just need to give us a call and it will be done in a matter of seconds. Also, I was thinking to provide some sort of visual and picture based questionnaire on the actual website with prices and everything so that people can choose what they want to be moved and what kinds of supplies they want. In this way they will get the estimate so much faster and free of charge themselves which they can download and keep for references. ( We need to talk about this in person)

How affordable are your rates compared to your competitors

My rates would be almost 10 percent cheaper than the same service providers or they would be the same but with more enhanced service.

What are your packing services? ( shrink packing, blanket wrapping, crate package, etc)

Every single type of packing we will provide. From general household stuff to specialized goods like glasses, sculptures, antiques and etc

Do you provide boxes

For now I’m thinking to provide 4 grand size wardrobe boxes for free. But in the future also regular heavy duty moving boxes. I’m just too busy for that right now

What are your limitations when it comes to packing? Does it also involve household items?

There is no limit. We even can pack the client 

Will your employees be professional, in uniform and giving a time estimate?

Yes, they will be professionals with years of training and will perform under my own supervision

Are you providing moving supplies? If so are you charging for them??

Yes we provide all the supplies for free and on top of that we offer 4 wardrobe boxes for free

Do you do all kinds of moving such as residential, commercial, office?

Yes all kinds of moves

Will your company offer services like piano moving and special care for real estate for home staging.

Yes, specialized moves would be a pretty good unsaturated area to work on

Do your services extent out of B.C.

Coast to coast to coast

Do you plan of recycling any main waste produced ?

Yes, we collect junk and recycle responsibly

Will insurance be free to the customers?


What kind of protection plan will you have?

Everything’s insured and claimable subject to the approval of the insurance company that requires photo of damaged goods prior and post moving

Do you offer cleaning services before or/and after moving

We have highly trained professional cleaners specialized in move out/ move in cleans as well as all other types like daily weekly or monthly regular cleaning as well as specialized cleaning

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