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Commercial and Business Moving Services. We have the skills & expertise to move your business with minimal downtime.

Moving Butlers – Excellence in Commercial Moving

Relocating your office can often be a frustrating, expensive, and difficult task. Attempting such a task without the professional help of moving services is almost invariably a recipe for disaster. Moving Butlers is one of the best moving companies in Coquitlam, and we can help make your commercial moving and office moving experience easier and faster.

A major difficulty that arises with office moving is the fact that the moving process will interrupt the regular tasks of the employees in the office. Commercial moving can increase the downtime of the staff and reduce their productivity, causing a reduction of profit to the company. Our moving company, Moving Butlers can ensure that your employees’ work will not be interrupted during the office moving or commercial moving process.

Reliable Commercial Movers in Coquitlam

Sometimes, customers make the mistake of assuming that residential movers will be sufficient to carry out their office moving tasks, without involving commercial movers Coquitlam. But the truth is, commercial moving and office moving are a far cry from residential moving. This is because commercial moving requires expensive equipment and high expertise for it to become a flawless process.

Moving Butlers is the best moving company for your needs because we are the most reliable commercial movers in Coquitlam. We leave no stone unturned. From huge electronic equipment to the smallest paperclip, we will move it all equally safely and carefully. The staff in our office moving enterprise is experienced, and we plan our commercial moving processes meticulously, ensuring that everything goes according to plan.

Our Commercial Moving Services

Certain commercial moving companies may not have the specialized equipment needed for office moving – but our moving company spares no expense in our moving services. We will use highly customized equipment to give you the best moving services possible. Our moving company provides a range of services related to office moving and commercial moving.

  • Packing and unpacking services for commercial moving
  • Commercial moving and storage (both short and long-term)
  • Commercial moving and office moving plans, timelines and other logistics
  • Dismantling and reassembling of furniture by the moving company
  • High end specialized equipment

Commercial Moving Flyer

Packing During Commercial Moving

Packing and unpacking is probably the most tedious task when it comes to commercial moving. During office moving, even if you manage to pack everything up, unpacking and assembling times once you arrive at your destination can be extremely chaotic if you do not have a proper labelling system. If you have not procured any moving services, you may end up losing important equipment and information.

It might be tempting to ask your employees to grab a roll of duct tape and just handle the packing job themselves, in the interest of saving money. But, this is hardly ever successful in commercial moving. It keeps your employees away from their jobs and reduces your income. The best way to ensure safe packing of all your office goods is to hire moving services because they know how to pack and unpack all items in a professional manner so that they sustain no damage.

Storage Services In Commercial Moving Coquitlam

In commercial moving, sometimes, you won’t be able to take all your office furniture with you to your new place, especially if you are downsizing. In that case, you will need to take advantage of the long-term storage services that our moving company provides. Short-term storage might also come in handy in commercial moving, especially if your moving-in process and the moving-out process don’t happen on the same day. In addition to moving services, our moving company provides storage facilities for all our commercial moving jobs and thus will ensure that your items are safe and sound.

What Makes Our Commercial Moving Teams Special?

Moving Butlers has well-trained commercial and office moving specialists. They will help you plan out your commercial moving and storage processes with finesse and care. Whether you have a small office or a large building, commercial movers Coquitlam can provide a seamless transition.

One Of The Best Moving Companies In Coquitlam

Commercial moving is surprisingly affordable. Considering the amount of loss you might incur due to employees staying away from their jobs and damages that can happen due to amateur packing, procuring office moving teams for your job is the best decision to make. Undoubtedly, Moving Butlers provide commercial moving and office moving at the most affordable rates in British Columbia.

Our moving company has ample experience in the fields of commercial and office moving since we have been providing professional moving services for many years and have conducted thousands of projects. We have all the resources and knowledge we need to make your commercial moving job successful and stress-free. Since our moving services are always done impeccably and with expertise, we have gained a healthy reputation as reliable commercial movers in Coquitlam BC.


You will receive the same high level of residential moving service as we are renowned for our moving service.


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