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Have you thought about moving to or from Burnaby, BC? Whether it’s an intercity move across town – we’ve got your back! Our movers are efficient and safe. You can count on us for both local moves as well cross country moves. Our planning ensures maximum protection during each stage of transport so all belongings arrive at their destination without any incident.

Professional Movers In Burnaby

Moving Butlers is an exceptional moving service with decades of experience in the industry. Our Burnaby movers have an impeccable reputation as the leading moving company in the entire city. We are dedicated to making sure that you have a smooth and seamless moving experience and that all of your valuables get from your old place to your new destination safely and quickly.

We even provide packing services, and if you opt for them, you won’t have to worry about battling with endless boxes and pieces of tape and coping with the stress of packing all your heavy items. Instead, you can just tell us what you want to be done, and our Burnaby movers will have your items securely packed in no time at all.

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End To End Moving Services By Burnaby Movers

End To End Moving Services By Burnaby Movers

Our movers in Burnaby provide a wide range of services for all our clients, and they can choose as many or as few options as they want. If all you need to do is to get your items from one place to another, Our Burnaby movers can easily arrange that. On the other hand, we also provide additional opt-in services that you can request if necessary. Check out our moving services page to get more details about these. Alternatively, you can also talk to the move coordinator that we will assign to you.

Packing Services By Movers In Burnaby

We are expert movers, but we also provide packing and unpacking services for absolutely reasonable prices! You can book a separate day for packing before your moving day comes around, and our dedicated team will come over to your place and pack your belongings safely so that no damage comes to them during the move. With the experience we have gained through decades in the moving industry, Moving Butlers can ensure that all your items will remain in pristine condition throughout the move.

Top Burnaby Movers: Assembling And Disassembling Furniture 

Moving is always an exhausting job, and you will most likely be too tired to struggle to disassemble your furniture after your move. Moving furniture is undoubtedly a complicated job, especially for those who got not used to it. This is where our Burnaby movers come in. We can assemble and disassemble your furniture quickly and efficiently and ensure that your furniture is ready to use in no time. The moving crew at our movers in Burnaby have been well-trained for situations such as these and can handle the job with practiced ease.

Storage Services By Moving Butlers

It’s not unusual to need storage services during a move. Maybe you need to store your items till your house is ready to move into or during an overnight move. Our moving company can provide storage services to our customers. We provide secure shipping containers with protection from weather, robbers and looters. They even offer storage facilities where your items can be kept safely where the containers are kept. This is very convenient because loading and unloading will only have to be done once.

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Removing Junk

After the movie is over, you will be left with a lot of junk and debris that you will have to dispose of. Packing paper, Styrofoam, paper, and cardboard boxes are all bulky pieces of trash that will crowd your trash cans. You might even have old pieces of furniture that you want to get rid of. Our moving experts in Burnaby can help you with junk removal, taking the debris to the local junkyard and helping you sell or donate your old furniture.

Donating Old Items

If you have old items that are in usable condition, we can help you find ways to donate them. We will contact local charities and coordinate the donation, and we can get help from partners in different cities who will help us find a home for all the used furniture.

Moving Supplies By Movers In Burnaby

Moving is a complicated process, and it can be made harder than it has to be by the lack of proper packing and moving supplies. Our movers in Burnaby have quality packing products to ensure that your move is done smoothly and efficiently. Packing paper, blankets, custom crates and tape are some of the supplies we can provide. Make sure you talk to your move coordinator and inform us in advance of any additional supplies that you will need.

If you are looking for a stress-free moving experience conducted by professionals in the field, make sure you call Moving Butler.

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Moving to Okanagan Valley

Moving Butlers is excited to announce that we are now offering our full range of moving services to residents and businesses in the Okanagan Valley. We are one of the top-rated moving companies to use when Moving to Okanagan Valley.

Movers to Prince George

If you’re looking for a full-service moving company that can handle every aspect of your relocation, look no further than Moving Butlers. We offer a wide range of packing, moving and storage solutions to suit any budget or timeline.

Movers to Vancouver Island

We offer competitive rates for all your needs – from local moves to long-distance relocation. We’re also one of the leading moving companies to Vancouver Island and nearby areas. So whether you’re moving across town or across the country, we can help make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.



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